Getting a Fresh Start
  • "Dr. Fresh began adjusting me after a serious car accident. In just a short time, I was moving more freely and the pain was being managed. With some time and regular adjustments. I have been back to myself again. He and his staff are very personable and they really care about their patients. I am VERY pleased with my experience at Vantage Point."
    - A.H. 5/5/17
  • "Vantage Point has always been there to help me with my injuries! Thanks to Dr. Fresh, my pain was gone and I instantly felt so much better! He helped speed up my recovery to put me back on the field to play!"
    - Bailey Tadlock 5/8/17
  • "In April of 2015, I was advised that I was bone on bone arthritis and was in need of a total hip replacement. Upon recommendation of Dr. Fresh, I did pre-surgical conditioning for one month prior to my surgery (twice per week). My surgery was on a Monday and I was sent home on Wednesday, with a Physical Therapist coming to my home on Thursday. Dr. Griffith’s orders were for at home therapy four times a week for the first two weeks and two times a week for weeks three and four. After the second visit with the Therapist, I was advised I was way ahead of the ball game and that Dr. Griffith said I could go back to Vantage Point to finish my rehabilitation. I immediately started my post-surgery rehabilitation with Dr. Fresh and Jemina and at my two week post-surgery visit with Dr. Griffith, I am so thankful for Dr. Fresh and his staff for all of their time and dedication they gave me throughout my pre and post surgery rehabilitation. They are truly amazing!!!"
    - Arleen Parker 10/08/15
  • "The care I received from Vantage Point was wonderful. I came in with a lot of back pain and after a few treatments, the pain was gone."
    - Michael Brown 8/21/15
  • "Tyler could not play on Tuesday, and after treatment he had his best game ever on Thursday!"
    - Cynthia Babcock 6/26/15
  • "I was an avid dancer until my mid 20's. When I stopped dancing I never really picked up a new hobby to help keep me flexible, mobile, and active. I felt as if my body was turning to concrete. When I came to Dr. Fresh's office I was in a lot of pain....Some days I could barely walk. I was too young to feel this way. After just a few sessions I became more mobile which gave me a boost of confidence, I realized with the help of Vantage Point that I could get my quality of life back....I am well on my way to being pain free and I look forward to staying that way."
    - Michelle Crumhorn 6/17/15
  • "About 8 weeks ago, I tore my MCL and partially tore my ACL and Miniscus. Dr. Fresh and his assistants turned my recovery time from 12 weeks to only 7 weeks. Every day that I come to Dr. Fresh’s office I know that I am guaranteed to get better. Dr. Fresh pushes you to your limits so that you can succeed. I really enjoy going to Vantage Point, they treat their patients with care and provide their patients with a quick and strong recovery."
    - Isaiah Carter 12/16/2013
  • "Recently I fractured my ankle and with the treatment I am getting, there has been a lot of progress. The staff here is great!"
    - Chris Bodet 12/16/2013
  • "Great experience healing and getting back to my sport quickly."
    - Wyatt Popovich 11/14/2013
  • "I just got started but so far so good. The staff seems to be knowledgeable and friendly."
    - Frank Alquist 10/31/2013
  • "I appreciate Dr. Fresh’s experience and knowledge, and his staff is always very friendly and efficient."
    -Jessica Larson 9/17/2013
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Fresh for about two weeks now and already feel such a difference. I highly recommend going to see him."
    - Arleen Parker 7/22/2013
  • "When I first became a patient, I was in severe pain and could barely walk. The treatment and rehab regimen provided has taken care of the issues that prohibited me from being active. I highly recommend the care that is provided here."
    - Darleen McCarthy 4/5/2013
  • "Everything was great from the time I walked into the door! The staff at Vantage Point truly helped me recover and move on from a painful injury. I am grateful for all of their help."
    - Marshall Wadleigh 12/19/2012

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