Performance Tools

Performance Tools

Giving The Serious Athlete The Competitive Advantage


Recovery Boots mimic what your body does naturally to circulate blood, just at a much faster rate, using high levels of compression (measuring in mmHg). In effect, the RecoveryBoots expedite your body's natural ability to flush metabolic waste our of the muscle, allowing for faster recovery time in-between workouts.

A massaging action squeezes four air-filled chambers, starting from the foot and systemically filling to the last chamber at the hip. The RecoveryBoots then deflate, allowing blood back in the leg.

The cycle repeats itself for the duration of use, forcing the body to evacuate the metabolic waste causing fatigue and soreness in the muscle. Use RecoveryBoots every day as long as possible, and feel the difference rapid muscle recovery can make in your training and level of performance.


Treatment with the Game Ready® System is enabled by a microprocessor-drive control unit and a dual action wrap, featuring NASA spacesuit design. Ice water is pumped into the first, inner chamber of the warp, closest to the body. The water rapidly and continuously circulates through the wrap for circumferential cooling. Simultaneously, the control unit pumps air into the second, outer chamber of the warp, intermittently inflating and deflating it according to adjustable pressure settings. The compression conforms the wrap to the contours of the body to aid in the delivery of cold therapy.

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